The Story Behind Rising Scholars Consulting

Rising Scholars Consulting was founded in August of 2020 by Kathryn M. Weber. Kathryn is a former educator with over a decade of experience in the field of special education. For three years, Kathryn stayed home to raise her two young children. Her now five year old daughter was diagnosed in 2018 with Autism Spectrum Disorder. Kathryn advocated for her child to be evaluated at two years old and to receive early intervention services including speech/language, feeding, and occupational therapies. Her extensive experience as an educator and as a parent to a child with special needs ultimately led her to becoming an educational consultant and establishing Rising Scholars Consulting. Kathryn hopes that Rising Scholars Consulting can continuously give back to the community of Wake Forest and its surrounding neighborhoods.

About the Rising Sun

The visual representation of a rising sun is a reminder that there is always a new day ahead. As parents and educators, our job is to help our children rise up and face challenges head on. Additionally, the sunshine logo and theme of "rising" came about from Kathryn's love for the song, "You Are My Sunshine." Her mother would sing this beloved song to her as a child, which Kathryn then passed down as a tradition to her own children. "You Are My Sunshine" was always a source of comfort to Kathryn's daughter when she was facing medical complications and difficulties associated with her developmental delays.